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Construction Materials Technologies

Cement Dispersion Technology

image:Cement Dispersion Technology

Utilizing a polyacrylic acid based dispersing agent, our cement dispersion technology ensures that cement maintains an effective level of fluidity when pouring concrete. This agent simultaneously employs differing chemical structures to maintain stable and lasting dispersion. The agent is also available in a powdered form that adds no moisture to the cement when the concrete is being mixed and, therefore, does not reduce the durability of concrete.

Cement / Polymer Composite Technology

image:Cement / Polymer Composite Technology

Addressing a weakness in cement materials, we developed an ultra-fine particle acryl polymer emulsion that features a core-shell structure that ensures superior cement dispersion. By facilitating the even dispersion of water, cement, aggregate and polymer, it counters concrete's natural tendency toward brittleness and water-absorbency while preserving concretes strong points, including compressive strength.

Adhesiveness Improvement Technology

image:Adhesiveness Improvement Technology

We have developed another type of ultra-fine particle polymer emulsion to overcome the poor adhesiveness of newly grouted cement to hardened cement. This polymer emulsion features a unique level of adhesiveness due to a chemical modification made to the surface of the particles contained in the emulsion. It is particularly effective in securing in place new concrete that has been placed on the surface of hardened concrete and is useful in repairing deteriorated concrete structures.