Technical Information

Fiber Properties Modification Technologies

De-Inking Technology (Paper Recycling)

image:De-Inking Technology (Paper Recycling)

The De-inking process for paper recycling is often compared to doing laundry. Just like a detergent is used in doing the laundry, a de-inking agent is used in the paper recycling process. Just as Lion’s detergent products wash the dirt from cloth, its de-inking agents also removes ink from paper.

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Photocatalyst Complexation Technology (fiber processing)

image:Photocatalyst Complexation Technology (fiber processing)

Our photocatalyst, which is composed chiefly of porous silicate salt, possesses antibacterial and deodorizing effectiveness when exposed to light. While this material has drawn interest as an environmentally friendly material, applications have until now been limited to inorganic substances as it breaks down organic substances. However, we have used our composite compound technology to solve this problem, making this substance suitable for clothing, curtains and other fiber-related applications.