Technical Information
Synthesizing and Purification Technologies

Esterification Technology and Separation/Purification Technologies

1. Esterification technology

Fatty acid methyl esters and glycerin are produced through the reaction of methanol and vegetable-based oils and fats, such as coconut oil and palm oil.

image:Comparison of MgO-Al catalysts and homogenous base catalysts

2. Separation/Purification Technologies

Utilizing the differences in boiling points, fatty acid methyl ester is distilled and separated into various types of high-purity methyl esters, which have different properties.

image:Comparison of MgO-Al catalysts and homogenous base catalysts

3. Methyl Ester Physical Properties

Consisting of plant-based fatty acid esters produced from natural coconut, palm and palm kernel oils, the PASTELL M series is characterized by its high level of purity, low viscosity, low boiling point, low volatility, minimal odor, and lubricating properties. This product series is far less toxic than petroleum-derived solvents while featuring a satisfactory level of biodegradability.

Although some of the products in the series have higher boiling points, they also have a higher level of solubility due to the incorporation of carboxyl groups.

Pastell M-10 M-12 M-182
Purity (%) 99.0 99.9 98.4*
Moisture (%) 0.03 0.02 0.01
Specific gravity 0.856 0.853 0.861
Color (APHA) 5 5 10
Viscosity (mPa・s) 7.0 5.0 7.5
Melting point (°C) -18 5 9.5
Flash point (°C) 112 125 182
Biodegradability (%) 100 100 90
Existent chemical substances No. 2-798 2-798 2-798

*F0:10.6, F1:71.8, F2:16.0

4. Plant-Based Electrical Insulating Oil for Transformers

Electricity powers our daily lifestyles. Electricity is transferred at high voltages to reduce loss. Transformers step down the voltage to the levels required for such users as factories, buildings and residences. Although the insulating oil used in these transformers is normally a petroleum derivative, we have jointly developed a plant-based electrical insulating oil with the major heavy electrical equipment manufacturer Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. that satisfies both environmental friendliness requirements in terms of high biodegradability and requirements for superior insulation and cooling performance.

image:Comparison of MgO-Al catalysts and homogenous base catalysts