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Alkylene Oxide Addition Polymerization Technology

The Development and Commercialization of New Ethoxylation Technology That Utilizes Complex Metal Oxide Catalysts

1. Technical Features

image:The resin film formation processimage1 : New Ethoxylation Catalyst
(Mg-Al Catalyst)

Lion's commercially viable, proprietary ethoxylation technology consists of fatty alcohol ethoxylate (AE) nonionic surfactants with a narrow ethylene oxide (EO) distribution (NRE: narrow range ethoxylates) and fatty acid methyl ester direct-EO addition-type nonionic surfactants (MEE: methyl ester ethoxylates).

Lion's ethoxylation technology can be developed into EO/PO addition polymers. Narrow range EO/PO (NREP) is a surfactant that boasts superior characteristics derived from tits molecular structure.

image:Comparison of MgO-Al catalysts and homogenous base catalysts

In particular, MEE cannot be produced using normal homogenous base catalysts. Instead, MEE is manufactured using fatty acid methyl ester direct-EO addition, which is a technology that enables the efficient use of renewable resources.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Direct-EO Addition Properties image:Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Direct-EO Addition Properties

2. Performance Features

NRE boasts superior surfactant performance (including detergency, foaming power, solubility) while being milder than existing products thanks to a desirably high EO distribution content percentage and a minimal amount unreacted alcohol.

In particular, a unique characteristic of NREP is that it is a nonionic surfactant that has both superior foaming and de-foaming properties.

NRE Performance Features
Features as products Features as surfactants
Minimal amount of unreacted alcohol Pleasant smell
Minimal degree of low EO additional components Higher cloud point
Higher solubility,narrowly defined aqueous gel solution range
Higher foaming property
Minimal degree of high EO additional components Lower melting point
Lower viscosity of aqueous solution
Narrow EO addition distribution Lower surface tension
Superior permeability, solubility and detergency
image:Testing NRE's Superior Detergency Using the Leenerts Method / NREP's Foaming and De-foaming Properties

In addition, MEE is a highly safe, eco-friendly nonionic surfactant that features surfactant performance (including detergency and foaming properties) equivalent to that of general-purpose alcohol ethoxylate surfactants while boasting favorable solution properties (solubility and low-viscosity). These features are believed to be derived from MEE's bent and curved molecular structure.

MEE’s Detergencyimage:MEE's Detergency
Fish Toxicity image:Fish Toxicity
MEE's Favorable Solution Properties
image:MEE's Favorable Solution Properties

MEE has a very narrowly defined gel solution range (hexagonal phase) and exists as a homogenous liquid in almost all stages.