Technical Information

Synthesizing and Purification Technologies

Alkylene Oxide Addition Polymerization Technology

Lion’s proprietary technology precisely polymerizes ethylene oxide and other types of alkylene oxide by adding such hydrophobic fatty alcohols to eventually generate a variety of surfactants with unique properties. With regard to this technology, the Company received the 2005 General Award, which is the most renowned of the Japan Chemical Industry Association’s technological awards, for the development and commercialization of a new ethoxylation technology that utilizes complex metal oxide catalysts.

Esterification Technology and Separation and Purification Technologies

Using such vegetable oils as coconut and palm oils as raw materials and employing esterification as well as advanced fractional distillation processes, we are producing methyl esters boasting 99% purity, an achievement that makes Lion unique among domestic manufacturers. These high-purity esters, after undergoing sulfonation and amination, are used as ingredients in a variety of detergent and fabric softener products.

Functional Polymer Design Technology

We are providing products suited for a wide array of fields including paper processing, construction and cosmetics by employing molecular design technologies to create compounds based on such carboxylic acid-based polymers as acryl-based polymer as well as naturally derived polymers.