Polyethyleneglycol (general grade)

Product name Appearance pH
(5% aq.)
Hydroxyl value
Freezing point
Kinetic viscosity
(98.9°C mm2/s)
Applications and features
PEG#400 Transparent liquid (30°C) 4.0- 7.0 267- 295 4- 8 6.0- 8.0 •Lubricants
•Release agents
•Raw materials for surfactants
•Heating medium
•Wetting agents
•Fixing agents
PEG#4000 Flake (25°C) 4.0- 7.5 33.0- 41.0 53- 57 75- 85
*Please see Product List by Industry for cosmetic use * melting point  


Product name Appearance Hydroxyl value
Applications and features
LEOSOLB 703B Transparent liquid 245 9 •Cleaning solvents and paint and ink solvents
•Hard and half-hard urethane foam