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Lion Specialty Chemicals provide film and resin processing functional chemicals such as adhesives, non-silicon backside release agents and polymer UV absorbers for engineering plastics.
Our electro-conductive carbon-related product lineup includes carbon black additives that deliver superior electro-conductivity at lower volumes as well as conductive resin compounds that incorporate various highly dispersed conductive fillers. These products are enjoying high-praise as raw materials for rubber and plastic components. Moreover, we produce such additives as emulsion polymerization agents, antistatic agents and lubricants which are utilized in manufacturing and finishing processes.

Film and resin processing chemicals

Film and resin processing chemicals

Ipposha has a lineup of optical film for electronic materials and functional chemicals for engineering plastics such as polycarbonate. We are actively developing customer-grade products using our acrylic, urethane and polyester denaturation technologies.

Electro-conductive carbon black

Product name Primary ingredien Appearance Main application •Features
KETJENBLACK EC300J Special oil-furnace carbon Granule •Added to various types of plastic and rubber for use as an electro-conductive agent in the following applications
•Plastics: IC packaging materials, electronic components, antistatic materials for flooring materials and semiconductor layers used in cables
•Rubber: antistatic treatment for belts, rollers and protective shoes
•Others: toner, raw materials for paint, colorants and raw materials used in dry-cell and battery electrodes
CARBON ECP Special oil-furnace carbon Powder KETJENBLACK EC300J powder

Carbon-related products

Electro-conductive carbon black dispersing liquid

Product name Properties Appearance Main application •Features
LION PASTE W-310A Electro-conductive carbon aqueous-dispersion liquid < Anionic > Paste •Added to a variety of emulsions for use as an electro-conductive agent in the following applications
•Packaging materials for ICs and floppy disks: paper and plastic with antistatic coating finishes
•Carpet packing: provides effective grounding
•Electromagnetic shielding materials: electro-conductive foaming urethane that absorbs electromagnetic waves
LION PASTE W-370C Electro-conductive carbon aqueous-dispersion liquid < Cationic type >
LION PASTE W-376R Electro-conductive carbon aqueous-dispersion liquid < Nonionic type >

Electro-conductive compounds

Product name Base resin * Appearance Features Examples of applications
LEOPOUND PP series Polypropylene Pellet Electro-conductive resin molded materials •Semiconductor container components
•Ultra-hHigh-precision components
•Auto parts
•Office automation and domestic appliance components
LEOPOUND PET series Polyethylene terephthalate Pellet
LEOPOUND PC series Polycarbonate Pellet
LEOPOUND PA series Polyamide Pellet
LEOPOUND PPE series Modified polyphenylene ether Pellet
LEOPOUND SHEET PC series Polycarbonate Pellet Carrier tape, others

* Compatible with other types of base resin