Product Information

LEOPOUND High-Performance Electro-Conductive Compound

1. What is LEOPOUND electro-conductive compound?

Lion Corporation has developed kneading and dispersal technologies that take advantage of the properties of KETJENBLACK high-performance, high-quality carbon black. We also manufacture and sell compounds kneaded with engineering plastic and super engineering plastic.

2. LEOPOUND Features

(1) High dispersion with minimal carbon drop-out.

(2) Features favorable mechanical and electro-conductive properties owing to a special manufacturing process that uses a minimal dosage of carbon.

(3) Possible to control the current-conducting area.

image:Dispersion state: Good (Lion product) / Dispersion state: Poor (competitor's product)

3. LEOPOUND resin ingredients and applications

Classification Type of resin
General-purpose resins PP, HDPE, LD, PE, PS, AS, etc.
Engineering plastics PC, PET, PBT, PA, PPE, etc.
Super engineering plastics PES. PEI. PPS, PEEK, LCP, etc.

In addition to the above, LEOPOUND has been proven to be kneadable with a wide variety of resins.

4. Examples of LEOPOUND’s properties

Mechanical Propertiesimage:Mechanical Properties

As shown above, the use of LEOPOUND as a resin additive results in less reduction in physical properties compared with conventional compounded products, reflecting Lion’s special manufacturing process.

Electro-Conductivity Controlimage:Electro-Conductivity Control

LEOPOUND achieves extremely stable electro-conductive control in both the low- and high-resistivity ranges