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Lifestyle related Industry

image:Detergent and toiletries

Surfactants, which are a primary component of detergent products and toiletries, boast a variety of qualities that can be utilized in washing, emulsifying, dispersing and foaming as well as in antistatic treatment. Utilizing these qualities, we produce a range of surfactant based-products covering detergents for household and industrial use, shampoo, conditioners and toothpaste while providing raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals.


image:Rubber and Plastic

Our electro-conductive carbon-related product lineup includes carbon black additives that deliver superior electro-conductivity at lower volumes as well as conductive resin compounds that incorporate various highly dispersed conductive fillers. These products are enjoying high-praise as raw materials for rubber and plastic components. Moreover, we produce such additives as emulsion polymerization agents, antistatic agents and lubricants which are utilized in manufacturing and finishing processes.

Electrical and Electronics

image:Information Technology, Electronics and Electric Equipment

To meet needs in such industrial fields as information technology, electronics and electric equipment, we provide detergents for a variety of precision advanced IT components, including small liquid crystal panels used in mobile phones, hard disks, semiconductors and optical devices, as well as carbon-related products for use in the electrodes of secondary batteries.

Energy, Environmental & Infrastructure

image:Machinery and Metal

We market detergents that remove excess oil from steel used in the rolling process, an essential part of the production of steel sheet for use in automobiles, construction materials and steel beverage cans and other canned products. In addition, we provide such distinctive products as contamination resistant lubricant oils and vacuum pump oils extracted from vegetable-based materials to the machinery and metal industries.