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As a Company That Addresses Environmental Issues

Lion Corporation is striving to continue as a leading company in terms of environmental friendliness. To this end, we are working to promote cleanliness, healthiness and safety in the global environment on a day-to-day basis.

image:As a Company That Addresses Environmental Issues

Guided by the mission of “operating the environmental solutions business based on surfactant science,” Lion Corporation Chemicals Division promotes development activities not only to pursue greater product performance but also to continuously seek better ways to protect the global environment.

Our product line comprises a variety of environment-friendly products including: PASTELL series made of naturally-derived coconut and palm oils for such applications as surfactant ingredients and bio-diesel fuels; SUNWASH series of chlorofluorocarbon and organic solvent-free aqueous detergents for such industrial applications as automobiles, liquid crystal panels and hard disks; LIPTOL a de-inking agent for wastepaper recycling; and KETJENBLACK used in the electrodes of secondary batteries for hybrid cars.

-Environment Guideline-

At all stages in our business activities, including development, manufacture, logistics, and waste disposal, we will engage in voluntary and proactive activities to minimize the burden on the global environment as much as possible.

1. Based on the perspectives of preventing global warming, achieving a recycling-based society, and coexistence with nature, we will actively promote eco-friendly product development.

2. To improve the environment, we will strive to conserve energy and resources, reduce industrial waste, and prevent other forms of environmental pollution.

3. We will comply with all environment-related laws and regulations and any other requirements to which the organization has consented, endeavoring to respond to them swiftly.

4. We will gain an accurate understanding of the environmental impact of our business activities, formulate an environmental management program, and set goals and targets for improvements, as well as regularly verifying and reviewing the status of their implementation, and undertaking continuous improvements.

5. As well as conducting business activities that give consideration to biodiversity and air and aquatic environments, we will actively engage in activities aimed at protecting the natural environment.

6. We will ensure thorough awareness of and compliance with this environmental policy on the part of all those involved in this company�fs business activities, and will strive to raise awareness of environmental conservation. Furthermore, all of our employees will work together to promote environmental management activities.