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Business Overview

Performance Chemicals


Rubber products produced by Lion Specialty Chemicals include automobile tires, which are manufactured using an unvulcanized rubber compounding process and vulcanization molding. Rubber processing chemicals are processing chemicals that reduce problems in manufacturing processes and improve the production efficiency of various types of rubber products.

Electrical and Electronics

Lion Specialty Chemicals has a lineup of optical film for electronic materials and functional chemicals for engineering plastics such as polycarbonate. We are actively developing customer-grade products using our acrylic, urethane and polyester denaturation technologies.

The electro-conductive carbon KETJENBLACK has received favorable evaluations. KETJENBLACK contributes to the electro-conductivity of various types of plastics and rubber and is used as a battery electrode material. LEOPOUND electro-conductive compound is an electro-conductive material, in which variety of fillers, such as the abovementioned KETJENBLACK, are dispersed in resins. LEOPOUND is used in applications that include electronic devices that require thermal-resistant and moldable properties.

Energy, Environmental & Infrastructure

LEOPACK is a unique super-plasticizer for concrete for construction use that is provided in a premeasured soluble packet for ease of use. We also provide a concrete repair material TOUGHACE, a curing compound LIPOTEX and a surface treatment agent for horizontal construction joints JOINTACE. We offer chemical agents suitable for a variety of the construction methods used in high-rise condominiums, houses, tunnels and ground stabilization, ranging from foundation work to repair and finishing.

Lifestyle related Industry

Beginning with LEOGARD cationic cellulose and LIPOQUAD quaternary ammonium chloride, which are used in shampoo and hair conditioner, we provide cosmetic ingredients and intermediates for various shampoos and hair conditioners to domestic and overseas cosmetic manufacturers.

All products in this category conform to the Japanese Standards for Cosmetic Ingredients 2006.

Base Chemicals

Oils and Fats

Lion Specialty Chemicals engages in the sale of oleo chemical products (PASTELL fatty acid methyl ester, LEOFAT fatty acid ester derivative and refined glycerin) made from vegetable oils and fats. The Company also extracts carotene during the production process and sells them separately as ingredients for health food products and supplements both in Japan and overseas.

Leveraging its esterification and advanced purification technologies, Lion Specialty Chemicals also develops such highly functional products as the environment-friendly solvent LEOSOLVE and PASTELL NEO insulating oil.

Nonionic Surfactants

Nonionic surfactants refer to surfactants that have been derived from polymerizing alkylene oxide by adding a fatty alcohol. LEOX, LEOCOL and LIONOL are widely used as the primary components of detergent and shampoo.

In particular, our lineup includes the prize-winning LEOCOL TDN, an NRE (Narrow Range Ethoxylate) technology-based product that received the Society of Polymer Science Award in the area of ethylene oxide addition polymerization.

We develop distinctive products based on research in the area of ethylene oxide addition polymers using primarily the abovementioned oils and fats.

Anionic Surfactants / Cationic Surfactants

Anionic surfactants are used worldwide as components of household detergents. LAS, AOS, AES and other types of surfactant are offered under the brand names, LIPON, LIPOLAN and SANNOL, respectively.

Cationic surfactants are used in fabric softeners, hair conditioners and disinfectants under such brand names as LIPOQUAD and LIPOTHOQUAD due to their softening, antistatic and disinfectant properties.